Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Once upon a time in my childhood

Among the hordes of guests we generally have over weekend, there was a kid of my age ( t -> 10 ; for mortals approx when i was 10) who knew about latest technology and gadgets. He was upto date with all that was available in market. Dad was pretty impressed and during out post guest visit gossip session, pa mentioned - "See that one advantage of staying in a city". I questioned him,"Then why arent we in one?"

He always used to take postings in rural or semi urban areas.

"Lets see about it tomorrow" was the reply.

Our sunday routine used to be have lot of Coffees and Teas - snacking through the cleaning the house ritual. Oil bath - Blaring music, TV. Post brunch and quick siesta, dad used to take us on a ride when the sun starts its downward journey.

Either play in the sand dunes - not the natural ones, the builders used to dump / store the sand that will be used for buildings in the near by towns. Or trek to conquer the near by hills. I always wanted to experience many things so that I can become like Dad one day - super smart, ultra cool and he just knows it all.

Staying in rural setting I did miss out on certain things, but personally gained a lot. It could be as simple as spending quality time with family. I knew almost everyone in the neighborhood. I knew my friend's cousin's classmate also. We had no space crunch to play. ( Not that i played a lot - I was a lazy bum ) There were fields growing all sort of grains and vegetables. Take bath in a canal or under a pump set. Check out a sugar factory or a rice mill.From the production to delivery of the food items there was not too many parties involved.

Take a cycle to school or walk. You would still be refreshed because of the greenery all around you. I still remember learning how to cycle hiring it for 2 rupees for an hour or so. Who asks for deposit. I was struggling to get a cycle for a day to use it to participate in cyclothon. ( Stupid spell check its not cyclotron :P )

We never needed parks or garden because every unused space has a tree or grass growing. Never needed AC, never needed to cover my nose to avoid pollution. I feel we used to cover more geography and still not get tired.

During Diwali, we used to hire a cook and get sweets and namkeen made in bulk. All ladies of the neighborhood used to sit in open and get variety of eatables made.

I remember Anu's brother getting his friends from college to build the first floor of the house. That is super cool. All that was needed extra was continuous supply of food, chai and snacks.

Those were the days and now I spend money on stupid movies just to spend my weekends. Go to restaurants to spend time with friends or sit in cafe for a get together.

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